Saturday, May 20, 2017


Hi all!
I do hope the best for everyone and I still continue to express my gratitude for the out pouring messages and also how fantastic it is to read of the freedom felt when you finally get the reversal. My heart crushes still for the women out there who know they are victimised by PTLS yet have no funds to make a reversal possible..
I am so very sorry that I have not been blogging or been on here to answer questions and offer support. I am no longer on Facebook.

So I have been with my current GP now for about 4ish years. He is absolutely a God send! Extremely amazing in the sense that he will only prescribe medication if he truly feels necessary. Eg; many Drs will prescribe antibiotics at the slightest hint of a sniffle, he will not. He is very logical and understanding. He cares for the patients opinion and well being.

A while back I actually showed him images of before my tubal reversal and he was taken back. I also gave him this blog address and he read my blog. He was open minded and suggested that I should go back to the original specialists (who denied PTLS being possible) and follow up with them.

That would be interesting as I declined when they wanted me to after the reversal due to the way I was treated during the process.

Also, I have a YouTube channel (which I swear a lot on!) but I am considering doing a YouTube video about PTLS. It is definitely something on the cards I think.

I just need to figure how I am going to go about it. Such as, what I am going to cover in the video. What I will outline.. I guess it is all in the thought process at this stage. If there are any points you would like me to discuss in the video, by all means, add a comment to let me know.

As far as life for me, it is just as crazy as if I never had PTLS. I have come a long way. But PTLS is like a fading memory..
in fact, I was extremely moved when our youngest daughter seen pictures (body and all) on our laptop months ago of me from just before the reversal surgery (I rarely ever look at them at all).

She literally asked me "Who is that mum?" .... I looked at her like she was joking as I have explained all about PTLS and what I went through to my kids, I am extremely open and honest with them about any issue.. When I had my reversal, one daughter was 8 and youngest daughter was 5. Our son was 4. (We also have 3 children in Heaven)
So when she didn't laugh and still looked confused staring at this woman on the laptop screen, I said "It's me!" .. She looked at me dazzled and smirked as if to say "yeah right!"
I said "look" and pointed to marks and scars, which were basically the only things that helped me recognise myself when I had PTLS. I then explained "that's mama just before her reversal when she had PTLS"

My little girl, 11 years old, burst out into tears. She was sobbing uncontrollably! I asked what was wrong and she said it's scary to see you like that, you look so sad and so sick and in pain. She was sweating from crying. God bless her. It was such an emotional moment. She never wants to see them again she decalared.

We are loving life on our farm, husband and I have been together almost 14 years and married for 5 years in November 😍
Our cow is about to give birth any day now! We have livestock and a lovely patch of paradise. It is nice. I don't know what to say in regards to my recovery of PTLS as, like I said, it's just like a fading memory ... of a scary nightmare..

Keep faith and remember the importance of sharing information to everyone about PTLS! We need to save women. Or at least give them awareness of the extremely high possibility of what happens by having a tubal ligation.

If you are new to this blog, please scroll to the bottom for the introduction. That is my story.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My message of Thanks! Also a special letter for the PTLS women..

Hello out there!
I just have to do a post simply to say to each and every one of you, THANK YOU!
I almost burst out in tears reading all the responses I get from you all.. I feel so honoured that I can be some form of help.. This is what I vowed when I went to go for my reversal after discovering what PTLS was... That I would keep reaching out to women all around the world.. Letting them know they aren't alone.. Letting them know they aren't 'going crazy'..
I am full of emotion as I type this actually because I am so moved by the courage PTLS women have..
If you suffer with PTLS whether you have known for a while or just discovered, here is what I want you to know right now.. (From my  own words & experience)..

          I Understand...
You were once a lot stronger than you are right now. I understand. You were so much more active, bubbly, predictable with a higher zest for life.. You may have had some troubled times in life but what on earth is all this trouble stacking up on top and inside you like unwashed dishes? Why you? .. I understand..
You find yourself now sitting with a friendly familiar face and watching that persons face change to something else.. While you rattle off all the unbearable things going wrong with your body, your mind and your life.. You realise that familiar face just don't seem to familiar any more and feel so alone..
I understand you feel like a raging hypochondriac.. A woman who has her own body mould in the chair at the Dr's surgery.. Possibly seen more specialists than you could remember.. The silent tears you cry when your strength breaks in the still of the night that you just don't want to wake up another day feeling like this 'monster'..
Just the same as the Dr's results that claim "I'm sorry but the tests come back 'normal' so how about you try this anti-depressant now?" I understand..
I understand how life feels like the light is caving in to doom and despair.. I understand because I have been there.. 
I understand how maybe you never felt you looked good enough and now you find you certainly have a reason to feel disgusted in your reflection.. What happened to you? You look aged, baggy, pale.. sick.
I understand all this.. As well as the reflection, there is what you feel that you can't see.. That pain and discomfort surely would make a grown burly man fall to his knees and weep..
Maybe it's age.. like a few of your friends suggested? Or maybe those women chattering about how child birth does this kind of stuff to a woman were right? Or were they? The insanity you go through wondering.. I understand.
Will you ever have the doting eyes you had for your partner/husband again, or is this just 'what happens' as the relationship goes on..?
Is the rope you are dangling on to going to stretch any further?? Because frankly it is feeling so weak and what on earth is this word 'strength'?? You are sinking in the sand... I understand.. 
So now that you know you are not alone, the tears drain out of you.. You want to show all them bastards that you are NOT CRAZY! You want to take this blog to your bedside table so you know it is not a dream.. You want action immediately..! This is everything you have needed to find and read!!

But wait............................!!

How do you know if the reversal will really work? What if it don't? The Dr's are going to think you have really, truly 'lost the plot' now!!

Your anxiety rises just thinking of these things!! 
PLEASE SWEETHEART............. Take a deep breath... Another.... Have a sip of water.. It is ok, I understand.. Because this was once a lot like me..
                                                                                            ~Written By N.P.Smith 2014.

I knew in my heart God led me to it and I had nothing to lose.. I went right ahead with my reversal and I am now PTLS free.. Was the recovery a fairytale? No. It was patience. But I will tell you that I knew it had worked the moment I opened my eyes after reversal surgery. I knew I was a "woman" again!
Not this raging woman-man-monster-losing-my-mind!
I can't describe that feeling to you.. But If you know yourself well enough to have found that you have this horrible condition called Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome, you will certainly experience the immense enjoyment of welcoming yourself back when a reversal takes place..
Stay strong! Pray! You are not alone.. You can read through this entire blog to read my full story.. You can join my FACEBOOK Page... It is hard to answer everyone individually on this blog but I find a lot more success with private messages on the Facebook Page.. Every one of you struggling or overcoming is strength! Never forget that..
P.s. I am going in leaps and bounds, but I will save that for next time :-)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Learning curbs for Life After PTLS

I am attempting to blog from my iPhone so please bare with me!
I am sorry I haven't been blogging more, life has been interesting to say the least in my recovery from PTLS.
I will attempt to post some update pictures, weather I am successful or not is another story.
Ok, the recovery is nearing the end. I never thought it would be such a journey with recovery.
I have discovered so many things! My husband and I have been deeply into surrounding health issues due to PTLS in my recovery. I believe we could write a book on it!
One thing I truly want to stress that we have discovered is that when I had PTLS, I was put on high doses of acid reflux (GERD) medications. Names such as Aciphex, Pariet, Nexium, And others alike may be recognised by you?
These drugs are Proton Pump Inhibitors. They are extremely dangerous and we believe they have indeed made my recovery from PTLS a lot more challenging. I feel it would be safe to say that most women have been prescribed PPI's. considering PTLS harbours an array of gastrointestinal issues its no surprise a doctor would encourage that.
Basically, we have discovered that GERD/Acid Reflux is due to the stomach producing too much acid. So high stomach acid. Ironically, low stomach acid actually mimics very similar symptoms!
A way to test this at would be to simply take 1-2 tablespoons of lemon juice on your next attack. If it eases it or doesn't seem to worsen the attack, you may be suffering from low stomach acid rather than high stomach acid.
What happened to me is, after being on PPI's for 3-4years, I had very little stomach acid. This leads to so many things in the digestive tract. Having my reversal made me realise this added issue.
As I started to actually be able to eat after my reversal things weren't going in the digestive area. So many other absolutely amazing things were happening and changing that I put it down to 'time'.
Turns out, my stomach acid was that low I could not digest foods. The protein enzymes in the foods were far too much for my body to handle so I ended up with intollerance to most things I put in my mouth. Bloating, constipation, abdominal pain etc.. I was very dry in the mouth and getting malnourished quickly due to my body not being able to break down foods. Also having a severe lack of saliva.
After researching in and around we actually found that PPI's are extremely dangerous drugs!
Here is a link you might want to read Dangers Of PPI's

After discontinuing the use of PPI's, I then 
needed to go on Magneisium and Calcium 
Finding natural foods that increase my salivary 
glands and stomach acid. Things like black 
sea salt on meals, lemon juice etc.. 

I then looked into HCL, which is hydrochloric
acid. It aids in building up stomach acid and! What a journey! 
Several months of that and I have really 
good saliva again! I have a lot of poop that 
needs to be eliminated due to it all too. I have 
added loads of fibre on top of water to my diet.

My husband has also been massaging my 
colon in a particular way that aids all the 
yucky stuff to move down and out!
This is where we are at with it. 

I had to stress this to women suffering from 
PTLS or who are recovering from it! That is 
the only thing that has not yet balanced in 
my body but we are certainly at the end of 
that tunnel now. 

Apart from that, life has been much better 
than last year! I have a great deal of 
emotional/mental effects due to PTLS, it has 
definitely scarred my life but I am no longer in 
its grasp. 

I can't stress enough how I would sacrifice 
anything I had - a house, car everything of 
material possession to get a Tubal Reversal if I 
was in that tight position. 
My life has changed so much. I've learnt so 

The PPI's made my gastrointestinal recovery 
such a challenge! But I'm nearing the end and 
felt I needed to get it out there.

My 3 year anniversary of my Tubal Reversal is 
on the 31st of August 2013! Not far at all! I just 
can't believe how far I have come. 
I'm sorry if the layout of this post is weird, it's 
different than the laptop. I'll attempt to upload 
some photos! :)

Right at the end of this blog I realised I could get the blogger app! Haha! Here I was trying to type a post on the full site on my iPhone! 
The above photos, my favourite part was standing inside one leg of my old tight track pants!! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A welcome & what's next!

Hello all.
I haven't blogged on here for a while, I still do keep an eye out on here for anyone who might need the support and I am happy to be  giving it.
If you are here for the first time, please be sure to check out my  own personal experience with PTLS and also right through to the reversal and recovery.  For that you will need to scroll down to the older posts.
It might answer some of the questions I get asked regularly.

On the 31st of August, it will be my 2nd year celebration event PTLS free!
Be on the look out for a more detailed post update with pictures!!
Please share this link around, as there are so many women who just have no idea, like many of you who find this blog, of what is going on.

If you keep up with this blog, I guess you are aware off hand what has gone on but I can't stress enough if you are new to this blog, my first few entries are the most important, as well as the links I have put in the blog from resources on the internet to better explain PTLS and its most common symptoms.

Next post I will be focusing on helping women recover post reversal and looking into situations that I have come across in healing that took me a while to catch on to.. Eg; emotional and physical recovery, mental well-being, health and strength building. I will however still stand by the fact that it is 100% worth it and PTLS is definitely real. So is the cure of the reversal.

Further into this year I will get to discussing the approach of the medical profession with overwhelming evidence of PTLS's existence and the fact that respectfully, it needs to be made very much aware to every woman on this earth.

Right now, the best thing we can do is break this taboo and start speaking out to friends, family, colleagues etc. You just never know who might be a sufferer.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Weight of the world.

Hello to all the people who are following and reading. I would like to say that exposing PTLS has been a huge challenge, emotionally..
I want to thank each and every one of you who have taken the time to read this blog and share it around.
The feedback I have gotten from women who have finally discovered what is wrong with them has been overwhelming. I guess it helps me to realise I didn't completely suffer in vain.
I have heard from all sorts of women all over the globe. I have talked many through their fears and concerns and seen a few on the other side of their reversal, which I have to say, is worth smiling about, as they certainly are.
Yet, I still feel inside myself that there are still so many women who are 'victims' to this unrecognised condition.
I was on Facebook for a while there and I have a page set up on there as to promote more awareness and reach as many women as I possibly can. the link to that page is;

I nearly died from having my tubes tied! Truth behind Tubal Ligation risks.

I think I truly feel like I don't have a very loud voice right now. I feel like I am letting many women down as I can't get to them. It disheartens me at times and concerns me deeply.
I believe in myself though and I'm not going to give up.
There was a woman in America who was happy to ask me questions regarding my reversal and I was very happy to share my information with her. She then had her reversal and I was so happy to see how amazing she felt.
I had noticed she had made a PTLS awareness ribbon in the USA (which I had thought of doing a foundation here in Australia, in memory of my mother who suffered with PTLS and passed on). Yet all attempts to contact this woman for some support were not supported.
I realised that maybe, to some people it is about recognition and/or competition.
My intention is clearly to get awareness to every woman in this world about the risks associated with having a tubal ligation. It has nothing to do with recognition.

The more the merrier.

I think about all the women who are unsupported in this world, especially, and have Post Tubal Ligation syndrome and it completely saddens me. I want to save them all from the madness and pain. Some suffer severely, some mildly. Many suffer and do not know themselves anymore or why they are in the 'state' they are in.

I have been enjoying my recovery at this stage. Also, I'm in the process of taking my case higher in the coming 12 months.
My husband and I have some ideas on where we are going to start too, I think there will be a bit of fuss needed to be kicked up and with God's guidance I am hoping that it is done in a manner where it is dignified enough to have that voice loud and clear.
I am also thinking of making some YouTube videos at some stage to voice my story, too? I wonder if that will be of a benefit? Hmmm.. Me? Doing a video? LOL!

So thank you all who are supporting me, I truly appreciate it. You are all winners to me and I am amazed by your compassion and kindness..

BTW: Life physically is going great! My digestive system is at the end of its 'sorting' now and the feeling is just great!
My hormones are riding along so "normal". It feels so good, I can't express it enough! I can cope so much better with life's stresses.
I am definitely not the woman I was 15 months ago!!
I have shocked many people and Im glad the weight and fluid has taken a steady, gradual drop after the first initial massive drop. I'm toning really well, which I won't deny my happiness about ;P.

I am almost back where I was before I ever had the Tubal Ligation.
I have a box of jeans screaming my name, to be worn like they use to be ;) in a matter of months they sure will be. :D
I will say that I think all women who have a tubal reversal should make sure their Magnesium and Calcium is supplemented for a while. Also to have their blood levels checked for iron, potassium, phosphate, calcium, vitamin b12, liver enzymes, vitamin D. I have been taking a magnesium + calcium supplement and also a multi-vitamin called Centrum.
That is one personal thing that I realised later than I would have liked to in my recovery from PTLS, and that is, my body is recovering from 5 years of sheer upset and hell in an agonising expression. The supplements have been really helping with the process, which needs to be understood, can be gradual in ways. Neverless, a God send.

Here is a updated picture of me. 15 months after my tubal reversal. I am now into my 19th month post reversal and look different again. I will post a body shot when I take them next!

Please keep sharing the risks of PTLS to women. It is detrimental to women and especially their family and life.
Shout with me and make an end to women suffering, totally unaware of why.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hey there all,
Well it is now coming up to my 1 year post reversal day. I am going to take some more pictures.
I am still losing weight, it has slowed abit over winter I think but neverless, it is still coming off!
But I am alive! I am coping! I am still amazed even if some days are scary!
I really have to think sometimes of exactly where I was during the years with PTLS and how I adapted to coping through several different things.
My husband has been such an amazing support. He reminds me of the things I forget and exactly how far I have come in these past 10 months. Which is very, very far!

I have had some hard emotional issues to work through, issues that have been there a very long time. It has been very challenging. I have days where I swear PTLS is "coming back" or that on a really tough day that "things just arent changing anymore"
But they certainly are!

I have come to the relization that it is winter! There are limited things we can do outside the home in this wet, miserable, gloomy weather so that has been my set back.
I think that being restricted indoors and wanting the usual "winter snuggles" has put me in a position where I am fearing PTLS returning.
I will not deny it is a scary, depressing fearful feeling to have but again, I need to realize that although I am healed of PTLS, it is still apart of my emotions, my physical pain etc.. Example, if I suffer with a normal headache, I instantly fear PTLS surfacing because the pain reminds me of it. It takes me back every now and then to those suffering moments I endured all them years..
It is tough stuff spiritually and emotionally..

On the physical front things are just bliss!
My cycles are still adjusting slightly but they are going very smooth.
Being able to get out of bed in the morning and sleep at night is awesome!
I really only ever "feel" like I have a certain amount of PTLS symptoms before my periods but that is easing each month.
My reflux is even less bothersome now which is great, I actually only have to medicate myself for it once or twice a week which half of that is precautionary!
Compared to taking a tablet 2-3times a day it is a huge change!
I am enjoying the closeness to my kids and husband so much and I am enjoying having the energy to cook, clean and physically play in the family games!

I am going to make a overview folder of every shred of evidence I have that PTLS exists and send it to the GYN who has seen me through the birth of all my children and also performed the tubal ligation in the first place.
I am hoping he will want a deeper look at this..
My goal is to make a foundation for PTLS and I truly want every woman to, by law, be informed of the risks of a tubal ligation.

Friday, February 4, 2011

20 Week Post Tubal Reversal Update!!

Hello all! :)
I thought I best be giving you all an update on how I have been going..
Lets just say the last 12 weeks have been BUSY hehe!
I have been busy doing a great range of things, from family adventures, loads of gardening, socialising with friends, oh the list just goes on!
My husband actually had watery eyes last week as he sat there and said to me "I can't believe my gorgeous wife is back!" It truly melted my heart..

I know I do not show my face but I will say that I cant stop staring at it!! I never thought I would see that face again! My face has gone from extremely round, pale, swollen, oily and very male looking to feminine, clear skin, I have my dark complexion returning and my dimples in my cheeks! hehe! I have missed my face! Never thought I would say that!
My lips are looking so much bigger again with the swelling gone and I definitely have my "big brown eyes" back!!

Our children are so ecstatic, they love it when I drag them out to the trampoline for a good jumping session :p I must admit, I do too!!
My body clock has kicked back in and I am up with the birds and I can no longer have naps in the day like a few weeks ago!
I often catch myself by surprise at how good my memory has become again and also my concentration, yay! I can multi task again! LOL!
Where as with PTLS I just was "not here" at all!

- Here are a few words from my husband.. "It's amazing to see the woman that PTLS took away rapidly coming back! My wife and I can sit and talk endlessly about the changes that have occurred, our plans and our future, which blows me away considering 6 months ago we barely ever had more than a 10 minute conversation.
When looking at photos to put on this blog, it blows me away everytime I see a photo of the woman I drove to the hospital 20 weeks ago!
Our family is now complete again, the complete turn around that has occurred has excelled my wildest dreams! :)"

Isnt my hubby the sweetest!! :)

Ok here are some update pics!! **Please note; the emotional, hormonal and mental changes are just as significant as the physical changes :) I am literally shining!
We all have bad days and healing from PTLS is a challenge more emotionally due to where PTLS "took me". However, the bad days are now like anyone elses :D

Saturday, November 20, 2010

8 Week Update!!

Hello peoples!
This is an update from 8 weeks post Tubal Reversal op..
Some things I will note here that I am really happy about are;
- I have my mind back! Lol! I know when I am am upset/angry what it is about and I am in control..
- My voice is female!! Alot of my closest friends don't recognise my voice when I call them!
- My body shape is really coming back to normal now, my skin has darkened again & is really clear & smooth!
- I was comfy in a size 20 bottoms and 14-16 top & the other day I slid on my old size 12 jeans! I am now 12-14bottom & 8-10-12 top (depending on boob room! Lol!)
- My hair is growing really fast and is really healthy again! I love it!
- My memory is so clear and I dont have trouble holding a conversation anymore!
- My body hair & odor is back to normal!! =D
- I am able to cook, clean, be a mama & a wife, that is so amazing to me!
- I can walk, run, jump, dance again!!
- I am loving having no huge stomach!! I love sleeping on it again! =)
- I enjoy sunlight again & every blind still is open at dawn with no migraines!
- I think it is trippy that in just 8 weeks I have lost over 11cms off my hips alone!!
- My periods are still Heaven! They are still getting back to what they were before PTLS but they are definitely panning out to be just like they were before all this.. No pains, crippling cramps, clots or days in bed, I mean wow, last cycle I went bloomin campin!! =)
So, that is just awesome! I am getting back to that outgoing bubbly, cheeky woman I use to be not an ogre anymore & I feel like a woman! I know I keep saying it but WOW I do!!
My hubby has nicknamed me "shrinky" ahahaha!!
I think one factor that makes me confused a little is that my metabolism has kicked in, my mind is up with the program but naturally my body is still trying to catch up..
I do get burnt out, but somehow I manage to do way more than my mind thinks!
I can bounce back.. =D
I am able to recover from a active day really quickly now and I am no longer breathless like I was (I think from all the stomach probs, fluid & weight that made that happen bad when I had PTLS) Wow, did you notice that??
I said when I HAD PTLS hehehehehe!! ;)

So I am going to post some pics!! So lets do it....

Not The clearest one of the back but I think you get the picture =D

Well, that is it for this update, I am really looking forward to seeing the top notch specialists soon for the first time since they laughed at me telling me I am just crazy! Have fun picking me out in the waiting room I say LOL!!
Then let the exploitation come to a higher level! Bring it on! Hubby & I will win hands down! =D Chow for now!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Hello all, it is week 8 today, I am still amazed at the changes! Going to bed like a 'normal' person & rising with the sun is just awesome!
I have surprised a few people now! 15kg loss so far and it just keeps dropping on its own.
I have so much more energy! I have slowed on the house cleaning and allowing myself to have 'chill days' I mean, I have been basically bed bound for 2 years straight and now I am up an doing this an that.. So I need to keep telling myself that it is natural for me to exhaust myself!!
My mind is all go, go go! But my body is repairing and I dont understand it all at times so I get abit down and think that PTLS is coming back all over again!
I think in a psychological sense, my brain is 'searching' for that joint pain that it is so use to.. Hence why when I go for a hike or am on my feet all day, resulting in normal 'building muscle' pain, I could swear it is my joints but it isn't.
I am a very small boned woman so the more weight that comes off I think the better it will be, even without PTLS, the weight gain alone would be enough for my joints to act up! But the PTLS made this weight!
I have really been enjoying eating! Food, glorious food!! Mmmmm!
for a whole year all I could eat was 2 poxy crispbreads a day..
Now, I can eat ANYTHING!! Just like beofre PTLS and I am really enjoying it!
My skin colour is definitely back!! My hair is growing so much more healthier and thicker! And wow, it dosent fall out of snap anymore!! YAY!!
There are just so many changes! It is amazing, but it is also scary if that makes sense..
It is like for the past 4 years I have been "somewhere else" and I have awakened again.. It is an emotional roller-coaster at the moment but life is just so amazing!
My smile is real, my zest for life is strong!
My husband has been the best ever support through all of this and has stood through it all with me faithfully, bless him!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Update (4 Weeks After Reversal)

I thought I best get on here and give abit of an update on how things have been going!
Well, what to say apart from "WOW!"
I am at the end of my first period since the tubal reversal and it has been a ride!
But.. Taking into account that about a week before my period past tense I was unapproachable, bed bound in a dark room in sheer agony and riddled with confusion, anger and migraines.. This period was Heaven! I got tired, I got some joint pain and felt flat BUT I need to stay focused like hubby says and realise that this is my first cycle since the op and my body needs to adjust.. So thinking of it in that light helps alot to know that the next one will be even better!
Other than that part my whole life has changed! Even things that I couldnt imagine happening!
To look around and see your children and hubby smiling because they are so relaxed and happy is amazing! God has shown me so much on this path that it is indescribable in words..
For once ever, I am speechless!!
I am back into my cleaning! I am up with the sun and I sleep well at night!
I am hiking 3kms at a time with hubby and the kids only needing very short breaks along the way..
I have not had an uncontrollable mood swing since the operation!
I am cooking tea, making decisions, feeling in control again which is just amazing! I lost it all for 4 years!
I forgot just how awesome it was to make my hubby a feast for lunch or a coffee =)
The blinds in the house have to be open every morning (yes, every one hehe) and stay open till night falls =D
I am moving my body into positions that totally spin me out as it has been that long! My hubby is amazed at the change in the shape of my body returning so fast with the swelling going down =D
I have no more all day joint pain, although at the moment the tenderness in the tissue between my muscle and skin on upper thighs and arms is still present it has lessened to the point where the kids can jump up on my legs!
I am stretching morning and night and I find that is really helping me loosen up for the day and relax at night!
I am on the go again like I use to be yay! My high metabolism has kicked back in and I thought I had lost it forever!
I have not had a migraine since the operation and only a very few hot flushes that are that rare they are most likely not worth mentioning!
I am going to weigh myself again tomorrow, last time I did a week ago and I had lost almost 10kgs which is 20lbs in 3 weeks isnt bad at all. I have dropped 2 dress sizes and I am toning up. I get the muscle pain and aches because my body is trying to keep up with me haha But they are exercise induced pains not PTLS pains! I like that!!
I am starting my kick boxing next week (my 5th week post op) and I am really REALLY looking forward to that!
I have taken my role again in the home and it is so good to take some of the load off hubby, he seems so much more relaxed now, his moods are alot better and his eyes have really cleared up & he is losing weight too! =) (thought right here would be good to insert that my sex drive has returned! haha!)

I thank God that I have come out the other side of this and my determination is to make this condition "Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome" known about by all women when discussing contraception!

There is so much to write here of the amazing last 4 weeks have been like for me and my family but all I can really say is that we are shining! I feel like a woman! A sexy, amazing, strong woman! (wow.. did I really type that?..)
Till next time..

Friday, September 3, 2010

My Reversal!

Well I had my reversal on Tuesday the 31st August 2010 and it was a huge success!
I am day 4 post op now and the changes already have made a big impact on us in a great way!
I have not had a reflux/heartburn attack since theatre! I am doing clear burps from the pit of my stomach not my throat!
My upper abdomen has gone down alot! My skin is clearing and feeling very soft, I have alot more colour in my face too!

I am obviously still in pain from the operation but am getting stronger day by day =)
I have walked more in the past 2 days than I have in the last 6 months!
My metabolism is kicking back in because I am sitting jiggling my legs, really wanting to do something.
I have been taking dishes to the sink, making hubby a sandwich, I cleaned out a cupboard etc..
Amen! Praise God!
I have not had an outburst mood swing for 4 days!!
My voice is more feminine..
There is more to come I am sure and maybe more I have missed, everything is just so amazing..
But for 4 days the changes are just awesome!
I will be back with more updates =)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Discovery...

Ok, So I said I would blog and tell you how I found out of the PTLS and Dr's reactions..
For a start I just knew something was wrong with me, I was so stressed going to Dr's and having them constantly try to hand me a script of antidepressants.
The first thing I saw my Dr about was the heartburn/reflux, I was put on a med for it. Then over time I started demanding referrals to specialists to help find out why I was so weak, lethargic and having chest pains, pins and needles, etc.
I was in some race inside myself to really find out what was wrong with me and I was simply told I have depression and should seek help. Several tests were taken out after I finally met a specialist who actually listened to every single symptom I had and run just about every test out to try find out what was wrong, he was a great specialist! I had every test you could think of for the heart!
Unfortunately after so many tests and nothing found I had to move states so couldnt see that specialist anymore..
All that was found in any of the numerous tests was raised liver enzymes, which was very unusual to me. I had full blood count tests regularly to check on my kidney function and never was there any problems of liver enzymes the years prior to the TL (tubal ligation), also, that my lung condition had worsened a substantial amount to "the onset of emphysema".
That is the only difference really that tests have over turned.
Some tests I had were
* Several blood tests for things like diabetes, food allergies, cancers, clots, organ function, hormones and much more..
* Numerous ultra sounds, including the pelvis also internals, the gall bladder, kidneys, liver, both legs from hip to toes..
* Xrays of the chest, barium abdomen..
* Cat Scan of the head, abdomen and lungs
* Endoscopy (nothing found except slight inflammation)
* several gynaecology tests like, exploitative laprascopic surgery including a colposcopy, hysteroscopy, D&C ( I was told strangely, that my endometriosis that I had been diagnosed with 10 years earlier which had been severe, didnt exist..) Hmmm... Endometriosis as far as I knew was not curable, only treatable..

I had an ectopic pregnancy apparently there was a sac of blood to the equivalent of a teaspoon inside my tube, my fallopian tubes and tissue around it was inflamed. I had to take several extreme strength antibiotics.

The weight piled on no matter what exercise I did or even the time where I was on such a full fitness plan such as hiking, power walking, swimming in the ocean and body surfing. Also during that 6 months I ate nothing but salads and wraps (I was never a huge eater) and drank green tea. Nothing changed it just got worse and I started swelling rapidly and I was extremely breathless just talking on the phone.

I started going into deep rage and severe suicidal mood swings, I couldnt take it anymore, I pushed my husband away, I couldnt cope with my children which is far from my nature. I had plans to take my life, my behaviour was erratic and I was totally unpredictable by now. My panic attacks are so extreme.
I cant sleep, I have no sex drive at all! It is like I am just scared to make love, dont feel like it, try to avoid it or feel guilty that I dont feel like it..
Everything went down hill... right down....

I was one time talking to a friend and I mentioned my frustration at it all and what I was doing to try lose the weight.. Then it came up about my tubes and she mentioned that she knew that women put weight on after a tubal ligation, thank God she said that or I would have never stumbled upon the word Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome..
I typed a search of tubal ligation, weight gain and found so many posts from women describing their symptoms and stories of Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome and just cried, I could not believe that it was right there, I could have wrote every post myself.. I had an answer, finally!!

Next Post will be how the Drs handled my discovery...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I have decided to start a blog on Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome Click Here For Information
I will give you some history so you know my story...
I have had 5 pregnancies, including a twin pregnancy, 4 caesareans. I had kidney and back related problems during my last 3 pregnancies..
The GYN/OB I was seeing suggested (I would more say pressured) me while I was pregnant with my last in 2006 to have a Tubal Ligation. He said he could do it during the caesarean. He also told me that they would put clips/clamps on my tubes (which I found out later that they were actually cut and tied).
I really didn't like the idea and had a strong feeling not to proceed with it but I didn't really have much time to decide before the birth of our son.
I was 23 years old and was offered no counselling before it and was done. I was also told it was a straight forward procedure and that there were no side affects at all, apart from the usual possibilities with any surgical procedure, such as, possible damage to the bladder and bowel, etc.
So I signed the form. Little did I know that it would end up being the biggest mistake of my life! I will put some points as to what started to take place after the Tubal Ligation. Unbeknown to me until 3 years later that I had this condition!

*-After my son was born, it was the worst recovery of a c-section I had ever had in my life!

*- I noticed straight away that my metabolism (which had all my life been extremely high) died!

*- The weight never fell off after the TL (I had fitted into my size 8 jeans within a week of all my other children)

*- My mood swings were horrendous, I had trouble breast feeding and developed depression and severe chronic fatigue in the months after... (I put it down to breast feeding)

*- I could quite easily sleep 22hours of a full day/night and having to even go to the toilet was the most draining thing..

*- I was crying alot (I was raised not to) and I was wondering what was wrong with me..

*- Then started the days-on-end long thumping migraines.

*- I suffered with an anxiety disorder and asthma and they were worsened, as were things like flus, colds, hayfever, etc.

*- I started developing allergies to foods, such as, nuts

*- My skin condition got very bad and the weight just kept creeping, I had muscle and slight joint pain back then, I am now in a wheelchair if I have to walk more than 10 meters.

*- My periods.. OMG!! About a week upon coming I would be the biggest bitch walking, I would be in such pain that I would be crippled, doubled over in bed with wheat bags. They were extremely irregular (they had always been regular) and I had never had any contraception prior to the TL. I was spotting all through the month, my flow was all over the place, clotting was horrible, the sharp pains in my groin plus the severe cramping... I still suffer with all of this.

Ok.. I am going to bring you to now, and I apologise if I over lap the information from above but I am going to tell you what 3 and a half years of this syndrome has left me with.. in no particular order.

Severe swelling to the whole body, severe fluid retention to the whole body, weight gain, (I have gone from always being 50-55kilograms to 100 which crept up fast in the last 18 months)
Severe joint swelling and pain, I am at the stage where moving is restricted alot, for example, if I raise my arms above my head and back down to my lap, after 3 times I would be in agony and need to rest them!)
My legs are that bad from my hips to my toes that I require a wheelchair if I have to walk more than 10 meters.
I have really bad joint stiffness, especially the legs and neck. I cant turn my neck to look behind me for longer than approx 10 seconds.
My periods are as above and still as crazy as ever, I have dryness to the vagina, pain inside the vagina, in and around the cervix also, sexual intercourse is very painful and usually results in me bleeding and being crippled with pain and cramps afterward. My joints have affected my sex life also and I have a total loss of sex drive which is the opposite to what I was..
I suffer with Chronic Fatigue, I never use to be able to keep still, now I can!!
I am always tired, one extreme to the next with my mood swings..
I am incapable of looking after my children, I cant cook, clean, anything.
I have every symptom of Premature Menopause - Hot flushes galore! Chills, sweats, mood swings, irritability.
My hair snaps and falls out, is dull and unhealthy so I shaved it off! Pretty drastic for me!
The hairs under my arms, on my legs and my eyebrows grow extremely quick and have gone from fair to thick and jet black.
My voice has lowered and I lose it from the slightest bit of yelling.
The migraines.. OMG just lock me in a black room with not an ounce of light, no noise, with a wet cloth on my head praying that I don't die! They seem to have a pattern of their own and can stay for days on end! If I had hair long enough there is no way I could tie it up, ever.
Puffiness, pins and needles all the time, and the layer of tissue between my muscle and my skin on my thighs and upper arms feels like I have been punched over and over and over and is all bruised inside 24-7 and if touched or bumped it is enough to make my eyes water.
My stomach!! Well, I look like I am 8 months pregnant every single day. I have never suffered with bloating but this is severe, I also now have severe gastrointestinal problems. I never had heartburn in my life unless I was pregnant, I now get it every day, I have been on 3 different medications for it, I have severe reflux and it is like my food does not digest and my digestive system is totalled!
I cant eat meat anymore, unless it is chicken or fish on the occasion. My daily diet consists of 4 crispbreads with something on them, I still get a reaction but put up with it.
I drink coffee at my own risk once in a while..
I have a strict routine from the moment I wake every single morning, my mouth has the foulest taste I have to rinse my mouth out and brush my teeth immediately, clear all the mucus from the back of my throat and sinuses. (I snore really bad now, never use to)
I can feel the mucus travelling down to my stomach fast and as soon as I rise my head from my pillow upon waking I instantly do the longest biggest burps that just explode out of me (like gas has been sitting right there)
Also upon sitting up my stomach immediately starts to swell to the point where I feel it is going to burst and I have to try sip a mug of HOT milk (drinking water makes me feel like I am drinking air and makes it worse)then eat if possible even if it is agony (it is usually worse if I don't)
Then I have to try get all the trapped gas/wind out of my bowel (which is the biggest relief EVER) slowly but surely over a few hours, and YES it is extremely embarrassing when I put my husband to shame passing wind!
Sitting hurts, standing kills.. laying down I am totally restless. I have insomnia that bad that I will be up at noon-ish and I will stay up (even though I am pale, drained, dizzy and tired, like now!) till usually around 5-8am then my body will let me retire..
I am always confused, my vision is foggy alot, it is hard to read. My concentration is the worst ever, I forget everything, I dont even know what I did yesterday basically..
There are probably things that I have missed.. But this is most important.
I don't feel like a woman, I dont feel like a wife.. Or a mum..
I feel my life has been taken away. It was only 9 months ago that I found out what PTLS was and I finally now have a date in the coming weeks to have the reversal!!!!

Ok, well I am going to stop right here for now and I will come back tomorrow or so and post again about how I found out about it, Dr's reactions to it and all that jazz.. I am just so happy I made a start!
I need to help other women in this world who have the same condition and my aim is to make it known about, exploited and recognised!
I am also looking forward to updating on my reversal and how it goes and what changes occur.