Thursday, September 30, 2010

Update (4 Weeks After Reversal)

I thought I best get on here and give abit of an update on how things have been going!
Well, what to say apart from "WOW!"
I am at the end of my first period since the tubal reversal and it has been a ride!
But.. Taking into account that about a week before my period past tense I was unapproachable, bed bound in a dark room in sheer agony and riddled with confusion, anger and migraines.. This period was Heaven! I got tired, I got some joint pain and felt flat BUT I need to stay focused like hubby says and realise that this is my first cycle since the op and my body needs to adjust.. So thinking of it in that light helps alot to know that the next one will be even better!
Other than that part my whole life has changed! Even things that I couldnt imagine happening!
To look around and see your children and hubby smiling because they are so relaxed and happy is amazing! God has shown me so much on this path that it is indescribable in words..
For once ever, I am speechless!!
I am back into my cleaning! I am up with the sun and I sleep well at night!
I am hiking 3kms at a time with hubby and the kids only needing very short breaks along the way..
I have not had an uncontrollable mood swing since the operation!
I am cooking tea, making decisions, feeling in control again which is just amazing! I lost it all for 4 years!
I forgot just how awesome it was to make my hubby a feast for lunch or a coffee =)
The blinds in the house have to be open every morning (yes, every one hehe) and stay open till night falls =D
I am moving my body into positions that totally spin me out as it has been that long! My hubby is amazed at the change in the shape of my body returning so fast with the swelling going down =D
I have no more all day joint pain, although at the moment the tenderness in the tissue between my muscle and skin on upper thighs and arms is still present it has lessened to the point where the kids can jump up on my legs!
I am stretching morning and night and I find that is really helping me loosen up for the day and relax at night!
I am on the go again like I use to be yay! My high metabolism has kicked back in and I thought I had lost it forever!
I have not had a migraine since the operation and only a very few hot flushes that are that rare they are most likely not worth mentioning!
I am going to weigh myself again tomorrow, last time I did a week ago and I had lost almost 10kgs which is 20lbs in 3 weeks isnt bad at all. I have dropped 2 dress sizes and I am toning up. I get the muscle pain and aches because my body is trying to keep up with me haha But they are exercise induced pains not PTLS pains! I like that!!
I am starting my kick boxing next week (my 5th week post op) and I am really REALLY looking forward to that!
I have taken my role again in the home and it is so good to take some of the load off hubby, he seems so much more relaxed now, his moods are alot better and his eyes have really cleared up & he is losing weight too! =) (thought right here would be good to insert that my sex drive has returned! haha!)

I thank God that I have come out the other side of this and my determination is to make this condition "Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome" known about by all women when discussing contraception!

There is so much to write here of the amazing last 4 weeks have been like for me and my family but all I can really say is that we are shining! I feel like a woman! A sexy, amazing, strong woman! (wow.. did I really type that?..)
Till next time..

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  1. its fantatstic to hear you are getting back to your old self, so proud of you xxx