Sunday, July 21, 2013

Learning curbs for Life After PTLS

I am attempting to blog from my iPhone so please bare with me!
I am sorry I haven't been blogging more, life has been interesting to say the least in my recovery from PTLS.
I will attempt to post some update pictures, weather I am successful or not is another story.
Ok, the recovery is nearing the end. I never thought it would be such a journey with recovery.
I have discovered so many things! My husband and I have been deeply into surrounding health issues due to PTLS in my recovery. I believe we could write a book on it!
One thing I truly want to stress that we have discovered is that when I had PTLS, I was put on high doses of acid reflux (GERD) medications. Names such as Aciphex, Pariet, Nexium, And others alike may be recognised by you?
These drugs are Proton Pump Inhibitors. They are extremely dangerous and we believe they have indeed made my recovery from PTLS a lot more challenging. I feel it would be safe to say that most women have been prescribed PPI's. considering PTLS harbours an array of gastrointestinal issues its no surprise a doctor would encourage that.
Basically, we have discovered that GERD/Acid Reflux is due to the stomach producing too much acid. So high stomach acid. Ironically, low stomach acid actually mimics very similar symptoms!
A way to test this at would be to simply take 1-2 tablespoons of lemon juice on your next attack. If it eases it or doesn't seem to worsen the attack, you may be suffering from low stomach acid rather than high stomach acid.
What happened to me is, after being on PPI's for 3-4years, I had very little stomach acid. This leads to so many things in the digestive tract. Having my reversal made me realise this added issue.
As I started to actually be able to eat after my reversal things weren't going in the digestive area. So many other absolutely amazing things were happening and changing that I put it down to 'time'.
Turns out, my stomach acid was that low I could not digest foods. The protein enzymes in the foods were far too much for my body to handle so I ended up with intollerance to most things I put in my mouth. Bloating, constipation, abdominal pain etc.. I was very dry in the mouth and getting malnourished quickly due to my body not being able to break down foods. Also having a severe lack of saliva.
After researching in and around we actually found that PPI's are extremely dangerous drugs!
Here is a link you might want to read Dangers Of PPI's

After discontinuing the use of PPI's, I then 
needed to go on Magneisium and Calcium 
Finding natural foods that increase my salivary 
glands and stomach acid. Things like black 
sea salt on meals, lemon juice etc.. 

I then looked into HCL, which is hydrochloric
acid. It aids in building up stomach acid and! What a journey! 
Several months of that and I have really 
good saliva again! I have a lot of poop that 
needs to be eliminated due to it all too. I have 
added loads of fibre on top of water to my diet.

My husband has also been massaging my 
colon in a particular way that aids all the 
yucky stuff to move down and out!
This is where we are at with it. 

I had to stress this to women suffering from 
PTLS or who are recovering from it! That is 
the only thing that has not yet balanced in 
my body but we are certainly at the end of 
that tunnel now. 

Apart from that, life has been much better 
than last year! I have a great deal of 
emotional/mental effects due to PTLS, it has 
definitely scarred my life but I am no longer in 
its grasp. 

I can't stress enough how I would sacrifice 
anything I had - a house, car everything of 
material possession to get a Tubal Reversal if I 
was in that tight position. 
My life has changed so much. I've learnt so 

The PPI's made my gastrointestinal recovery 
such a challenge! But I'm nearing the end and 
felt I needed to get it out there.

My 3 year anniversary of my Tubal Reversal is 
on the 31st of August 2013! Not far at all! I just 
can't believe how far I have come. 
I'm sorry if the layout of this post is weird, it's 
different than the laptop. I'll attempt to upload 
some photos! :)

Right at the end of this blog I realised I could get the blogger app! Haha! Here I was trying to type a post on the full site on my iPhone! 
The above photos, my favourite part was standing inside one leg of my old tight track pants!! 


  1. Hi I am so glad you have updated, this digestive issue is something I noticed early on after my TL. This is exactly what I have been trying to tell my doctor when I say to him my body is too weak to tolerate many things. It is exactly like that for me, like my body can not break down food, coffee, medicines etc & they are hitting my blood stream "straight" & causing anxiety attacks, heart palpitations, even hair dye because it hits your blood almost instantly.
    This is fantastic thankyou.

  2. This is absolutely amazing!!! You are an inspiration for so many women and I can't tell you how happy your progress makes me. Thank you so much for this update. I would love to keep in touch via email as your blog was one of the few blogs around when I first started searching for answers on PTLS. I read yours along with a few others...after some research and soul searching I got my reversal and have healed completely from the horrid life that tubal ligation caused. Thank you so much.

  3. Thank you so much for your blog!! I was randomly searching tubal ligation, weight gain, excessive sweating, when I found your page. Less than a month later, I am 2 hours away from my reversal. I was astounded that I could have literally been the author of your blog with symptoms listed. You gave me the answers no doctor would and for that I'm eternally grateful! I'll let you know how mt TR goes!!!

  4. Hello all! I am extremely touched by your comments and super excited for you all to have knowledge of what is happening with your bodies. To the ladies having a TR, I truly hope everything went great and I am so happy always to read of another woman freed from the horrid grip of PTLS!