Thursday, February 2, 2012

Weight of the world.

Hello to all the people who are following and reading. I would like to say that exposing PTLS has been a huge challenge, emotionally..
I want to thank each and every one of you who have taken the time to read this blog and share it around.
The feedback I have gotten from women who have finally discovered what is wrong with them has been overwhelming. I guess it helps me to realise I didn't completely suffer in vain.
I have heard from all sorts of women all over the globe. I have talked many through their fears and concerns and seen a few on the other side of their reversal, which I have to say, is worth smiling about, as they certainly are.
Yet, I still feel inside myself that there are still so many women who are 'victims' to this unrecognised condition.
I was on Facebook for a while there and I have a page set up on there as to promote more awareness and reach as many women as I possibly can. the link to that page is;

I nearly died from having my tubes tied! Truth behind Tubal Ligation risks.

I think I truly feel like I don't have a very loud voice right now. I feel like I am letting many women down as I can't get to them. It disheartens me at times and concerns me deeply.
I believe in myself though and I'm not going to give up.
There was a woman in America who was happy to ask me questions regarding my reversal and I was very happy to share my information with her. She then had her reversal and I was so happy to see how amazing she felt.
I had noticed she had made a PTLS awareness ribbon in the USA (which I had thought of doing a foundation here in Australia, in memory of my mother who suffered with PTLS and passed on). Yet all attempts to contact this woman for some support were not supported.
I realised that maybe, to some people it is about recognition and/or competition.
My intention is clearly to get awareness to every woman in this world about the risks associated with having a tubal ligation. It has nothing to do with recognition.

The more the merrier.

I think about all the women who are unsupported in this world, especially, and have Post Tubal Ligation syndrome and it completely saddens me. I want to save them all from the madness and pain. Some suffer severely, some mildly. Many suffer and do not know themselves anymore or why they are in the 'state' they are in.

I have been enjoying my recovery at this stage. Also, I'm in the process of taking my case higher in the coming 12 months.
My husband and I have some ideas on where we are going to start too, I think there will be a bit of fuss needed to be kicked up and with God's guidance I am hoping that it is done in a manner where it is dignified enough to have that voice loud and clear.
I am also thinking of making some YouTube videos at some stage to voice my story, too? I wonder if that will be of a benefit? Hmmm.. Me? Doing a video? LOL!

So thank you all who are supporting me, I truly appreciate it. You are all winners to me and I am amazed by your compassion and kindness..

BTW: Life physically is going great! My digestive system is at the end of its 'sorting' now and the feeling is just great!
My hormones are riding along so "normal". It feels so good, I can't express it enough! I can cope so much better with life's stresses.
I am definitely not the woman I was 15 months ago!!
I have shocked many people and Im glad the weight and fluid has taken a steady, gradual drop after the first initial massive drop. I'm toning really well, which I won't deny my happiness about ;P.

I am almost back where I was before I ever had the Tubal Ligation.
I have a box of jeans screaming my name, to be worn like they use to be ;) in a matter of months they sure will be. :D
I will say that I think all women who have a tubal reversal should make sure their Magnesium and Calcium is supplemented for a while. Also to have their blood levels checked for iron, potassium, phosphate, calcium, vitamin b12, liver enzymes, vitamin D. I have been taking a magnesium + calcium supplement and also a multi-vitamin called Centrum.
That is one personal thing that I realised later than I would have liked to in my recovery from PTLS, and that is, my body is recovering from 5 years of sheer upset and hell in an agonising expression. The supplements have been really helping with the process, which needs to be understood, can be gradual in ways. Neverless, a God send.

Here is a updated picture of me. 15 months after my tubal reversal. I am now into my 19th month post reversal and look different again. I will post a body shot when I take them next!

Please keep sharing the risks of PTLS to women. It is detrimental to women and especially their family and life.
Shout with me and make an end to women suffering, totally unaware of why.


  1. So happy to hear that you are making excellent progress! I believe I know the woman you are speaking of here in the United States. Feel free to contact me @

  2. Hi! Your blog pushed me over the edge to go ahead with a reversal. I have hope now that I could regain my life! I've started a blog to track my progress. My surgery is scheduled for April 4th. I can't wait. Thank you for sharing. Really. I pray that I can share your story and success!

  3. Thank you very much ladies, I appreciate the support Debra :)
    Livia, I am certain that you too will experience a new lease of life after your reversal, by the sounds of it you are having a rough time.
    I am always a message away for support ok :)

  4. I am the woman who created the ribbon actually...But I have not gotten any emails from you or anyone else about collaborating with PTLS efforts...I sincerely hope I never offended you if you tried to contact me..I have had a hell of a year, with 9 miscarriages since my reversal...PTLS free thank God, but a bit broken hearted...=(
    Feel free to e mail me at

  5. Hi again Megan, we have discussed this on your page and I am only seeing this comment now. Like I said, I did contact you via your private account & again after I had seen you active & no reply. I am pretty sure we have sorted it now. This is just the place I say what I feel & I guess it is what I felt so I apologise if there is offence taken. I am glad we messaged about it anyways. I have no idea how the messages didn't go through to you, but it don't bother me anymore :)

  6. Hi, I had a TL back in 12th of Nov 1999, gave birth to my 5th son on the 13th of Nov 2000. I am so happy to find something about this, I have been feeling like I have been going out of my mind, I have had nearly all the symptoms and more that I have been reading about, have been back and back to my doc all the time, latest drama trying to exercise and lose weight, just to keep getting totally physically exhausted, with all my visits to the doc Im not getting anywhere and am very depressed by it all, cant seem to store iron and becoming aenemic, ALL my other symptoms are too many to list, but from all that I have been reading this seems to be me. My question is two fold, does anyone know if wild yam cream helps at all and or if there is such a thing as reversal hypnosis, like they do for hypnosis for lapband surgery ?, as Im not sure if I would like to have surgery, the last time I had surgery for a different matter I ended up lost all feeling and movement in one leg and got clots had to go on warfarin etc, so would prefer to avoid surgery.

  7. Hello Anonymous,
    Welcome to the place none of us women should be. I feel what you are going through, it echoes a lot of my own story which is down at the start of this blog.
    I have to say though, I am not sure about any form of hypnosis in which can cure PTLS. The only cure in my opinion and from what I have researched is a Tubal Reversal. I'm sorry you have had complications. Maybe if you do consider the reversal you could express your concerns about the clotting etc? All the best.

  8. I would like to thank you for this blog! I too try to tell anyone I can about my struggles with PTLS! If you are still active on here please reply back.

    1. Hi there! I sure am active on here, I do get on here as much as I can. Please share this blog and any others around as much as you can to spread awareness.
      I hope you are ok? I am assuming not.
      I am sorry that you are a sufferer of PTLS as I once was. It is worse than people can imagine unless they have been there.
      Thank you very much for enjoying my blog. I recently updated. :)

  9. Hello! I had a tl 7 months ago after the birth of my 4th child. I noticed about 2 months later that something was horribly wrong with me. I was 30yrs old with no previous med problems & all the sudden I had just about every symptom of ptls. The worst was the anxiety, depression, mood changes, irregular periods (which were always norman before on a 28 day cycle & I haven't been on any previous birth control) forgetfulness, constantly cramping, & the dang joint pain/stiffness. Who gets checked for rheumatoid arthritis at 30? Who was completely healthy 7 months ago & now the wants to prescribe - antidepressants, anxiety meds, birth control, pain meds, something for insomnia..... ugh! So frustrating. Why would my obgyn who's been my dr for 15 yrs not believe me? I felt so defeated. So, I researched everynight online and finally my husband told me to schedule a TR. I am so terrified of anther surgery & what if I'm in the percentage that don't get relief? I scheduled with Dr. Rosenfeld in Houston, Tx. It's about 7 hours from me. I hope I'm making the right choice. TR scheduled for 10-29-13
    I will be 8 months post tl when I get my tr. Thanks for sharing your story, Christina

    1. I truly hope you are doing well. I understand all too well the pain, lack of hope and the fear with all of it.