Friday, February 4, 2011

20 Week Post Tubal Reversal Update!!

Hello all! :)
I thought I best be giving you all an update on how I have been going..
Lets just say the last 12 weeks have been BUSY hehe!
I have been busy doing a great range of things, from family adventures, loads of gardening, socialising with friends, oh the list just goes on!
My husband actually had watery eyes last week as he sat there and said to me "I can't believe my gorgeous wife is back!" It truly melted my heart..

I know I do not show my face but I will say that I cant stop staring at it!! I never thought I would see that face again! My face has gone from extremely round, pale, swollen, oily and very male looking to feminine, clear skin, I have my dark complexion returning and my dimples in my cheeks! hehe! I have missed my face! Never thought I would say that!
My lips are looking so much bigger again with the swelling gone and I definitely have my "big brown eyes" back!!

Our children are so ecstatic, they love it when I drag them out to the trampoline for a good jumping session :p I must admit, I do too!!
My body clock has kicked back in and I am up with the birds and I can no longer have naps in the day like a few weeks ago!
I often catch myself by surprise at how good my memory has become again and also my concentration, yay! I can multi task again! LOL!
Where as with PTLS I just was "not here" at all!

- Here are a few words from my husband.. "It's amazing to see the woman that PTLS took away rapidly coming back! My wife and I can sit and talk endlessly about the changes that have occurred, our plans and our future, which blows me away considering 6 months ago we barely ever had more than a 10 minute conversation.
When looking at photos to put on this blog, it blows me away everytime I see a photo of the woman I drove to the hospital 20 weeks ago!
Our family is now complete again, the complete turn around that has occurred has excelled my wildest dreams! :)"

Isnt my hubby the sweetest!! :)

Ok here are some update pics!! **Please note; the emotional, hormonal and mental changes are just as significant as the physical changes :) I am literally shining!
We all have bad days and healing from PTLS is a challenge more emotionally due to where PTLS "took me". However, the bad days are now like anyone elses :D


  1. Fantastic!!! SOOOOO Glad everything is working out for you!!!
    I hope to be in the same boat soon!! I have my TR scheduled for march 10th!!

  2. Oh you look WONDERFUL!

    My Husband and I have started saving for my reversal surgery. It's going to be done at a private fertility clinic here in Vancouver, hopefully towards the end of this year. I can't WAIT!

    Things have been rather busy at this end so we haven't been able to devote much time to getting the support website up and running. I promise you though, as soon as it is, I shall be in touch! Your story is an inspiration to the rest of us out there, still suffering!

  3. Naww thanks girls, it is the most amazing thing..
    Never will I doubt that my body relys on hormones!! lol

  4. Found your blog by accident. You pics are great (and funny too) I also had my reversal in february 2011 and I feel a thousand times better! Like you said, I will never doubt how important my hormones are! :)

  5. So true Michelle! Hormones are the most important thing to a woman!
    I'm glad you feel better after your reversal. :)

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