Saturday, November 20, 2010

8 Week Update!!

Hello peoples!
This is an update from 8 weeks post Tubal Reversal op..
Some things I will note here that I am really happy about are;
- I have my mind back! Lol! I know when I am am upset/angry what it is about and I am in control..
- My voice is female!! Alot of my closest friends don't recognise my voice when I call them!
- My body shape is really coming back to normal now, my skin has darkened again & is really clear & smooth!
- I was comfy in a size 20 bottoms and 14-16 top & the other day I slid on my old size 12 jeans! I am now 12-14bottom & 8-10-12 top (depending on boob room! Lol!)
- My hair is growing really fast and is really healthy again! I love it!
- My memory is so clear and I dont have trouble holding a conversation anymore!
- My body hair & odor is back to normal!! =D
- I am able to cook, clean, be a mama & a wife, that is so amazing to me!
- I can walk, run, jump, dance again!!
- I am loving having no huge stomach!! I love sleeping on it again! =)
- I enjoy sunlight again & every blind still is open at dawn with no migraines!
- I think it is trippy that in just 8 weeks I have lost over 11cms off my hips alone!!
- My periods are still Heaven! They are still getting back to what they were before PTLS but they are definitely panning out to be just like they were before all this.. No pains, crippling cramps, clots or days in bed, I mean wow, last cycle I went bloomin campin!! =)
So, that is just awesome! I am getting back to that outgoing bubbly, cheeky woman I use to be not an ogre anymore & I feel like a woman! I know I keep saying it but WOW I do!!
My hubby has nicknamed me "shrinky" ahahaha!!
I think one factor that makes me confused a little is that my metabolism has kicked in, my mind is up with the program but naturally my body is still trying to catch up..
I do get burnt out, but somehow I manage to do way more than my mind thinks!
I can bounce back.. =D
I am able to recover from a active day really quickly now and I am no longer breathless like I was (I think from all the stomach probs, fluid & weight that made that happen bad when I had PTLS) Wow, did you notice that??
I said when I HAD PTLS hehehehehe!! ;)

So I am going to post some pics!! So lets do it....

Not The clearest one of the back but I think you get the picture =D

Well, that is it for this update, I am really looking forward to seeing the top notch specialists soon for the first time since they laughed at me telling me I am just crazy! Have fun picking me out in the waiting room I say LOL!!
Then let the exploitation come to a higher level! Bring it on! Hubby & I will win hands down! =D Chow for now!


  1. Hi there!

    You posted on my blog post about PTLS, so I decided to swing on over and read your blog.

    I am just ASTOUNDED at the changes in your body since your Tubal Reversal!! What did the Specialists say when you went to them with your discovery? I've had Doctor after Doctor laugh at me ... one of them told me it was all in my head, to which I changed Practices.

    Where did you have your Tubal Reversal done, and how much did it cost you? Myself and my husband are saving up for surgery this year. I've suffered with this for ten years and enough is enough. If I can't make the doctors listen to me, I'll do what we're doing now, and having it reversed at a private Fertility Centre here in Vancouver.

    As well as that, my husband and I are in the middle of designing a website, not only to get the story of PTLS out there, but also to support the family members of women who suffer with PTLS. It's important that the family members understand what this condition does to women, but it's equally as important that those family members are given support as well. I have been looking for people who have had their Tubal reversed, and you are only the second one I've come across. Once our website is up and running, I wonder where you would like to share your reversal story on our website - So many women have asked whether reversal is really worth it. You and the other lady I know, PROVE that it's more than worth it!

    Thank you for posting on my blog, and bringing my attention to yours!

    1. Hi i have just had my tubal reversed on 27th oct 2012 after almost 5 years of hell. the doctor that performed the surgery found that there was alot of scar tissue around clips and they had both embedded into the surrounding tissue at the back.

  2. Thank you very much for your feedback on my blog, Omg getting the reversal was the BEST thing in my life! I got it done publicly in Australia as I stood my ground and stated that I do in fact have PTLS and I do not want it for more children..
    It was a crippling process having dr after dr basically mocking the fact that I was on my last strand of life but I had an amazing husband who thankfully supported me through it all.
    I am also wanting to start a foundation for women in Australia and eventually hope it takes me globally..
    I believe that all women who have a Tubal Ligation suffer with some side affects of PTLS weather they affect their lives or not..
    Some women on the other hand get it to the extreme like I did and it was a condition i would not wish on anyone, ever!
    Well, funnily enough I did go back and see the main specialist who mocked me that I was crazy but she was so inconsiderate that we were late for the appointment that she left 5 minutes before we got there!!
    So then this other specialist seen me briefly who I had never met and he said he had "heard alot about me" he did not bat an eyelid and basically turned to me and said "We basically do not believe in PTLS"
    I was astounded at his ignorance but never-less that has not put us off.. I am a fighter and I will fight tooth to nail for women to have the right by law to be informed of the possible risks they are taking..
    I am very grateful you found my story and reversal helpful and we sure can talk further about the web page you are wanting me to take part in :)
    I am really trying to get my story out because like you and many others, I could find no "post reversal" stories that made me feel like it would be worth it but in the end it was either I tried of I would have taken my life..
    Thank you so much for allowing me to post my web address on your page and if anyone is interested could you please pass that on :)
    The plot will thicken as far as my visit to the dr recently because the big bosses called me personally and told me of their interest of my recovery.. So he has put his foot in it there as I will not be revealing much to them at all now.. It will go to a separate hospital in my home state in Australia :)
    Also there is a surgery I seen alot of on websites called Chapel Hill reversal and that Dr seems to have alot of belief in PTLS.. I wish you all the best in your recovery! :) We all need to stand together..
    Also Ironically my husband and I have been researching hysterectomy's and came across a website and the information on that is enough to make the head spin.. Women are so badly treated as far as gyn related issues, it is extremely shocking!


  4. Your more than welcome :) Thanks for reading and I really hope you do well with the charting, sounds like an awesome idea :D
    Things are going very well for us, I feel like I have woke from a nightmare where I was trapped in jail and turned nuts in a real bad way.. We are very blessed with the recovery :)
    We have done pictures and videos, weight charts, measurement charts, mood journals and all the bits and bobs of the hormonal changes too :)
    If we all stick together one day maybe we can illuminate PTLS :)
    Best wishes for your reversal and a speedy recovery :)

  5. Is that really you on the pictures ?? It doesn't seem so .... for example: just look at the pictures where you have short hair just before tubal reversal and then 8 weeks after tubal reversal you have long hair .... Hmmm .....It seems that there is NOT the same person in these pictures ..

    1. Wow..... First of all, thank you for reading my blog - if you did that is? Or did you just come here to look at my pictures?
      Why on earth would I WASTE my time and DEDICATION if it was not me in the images I have posted?
      I found your comment so ignorant that I was not going to even approve it.
      The simple explanation is that I got confidence back! So do you know what I did?? ...... I got my self some hair extensions as I missed my long hair.
      So yes, it is me. I hope that puts any doubts to rest. Sheesh!!

  6. Many women think that tubal ligation is right option, but in reality, a woman can face many issues like PTLS, etc. I personally feel that these success points are enough to prove that the reversal of tubal ligation is a right option for getting rid of these problems.

    1. After all the research we did, that is basically the only option that seemed to eliminate it. But like I stress, it will take time for your body to heal and rebuild. The only reason I don't regret having PTLS is the fact that I can hopefully help others not to make the same mistake. Thank you for reading.

  7. I am just floored by the ignorance of the above commenter stating that the images are not me..
    If you see this, and if you are still in doubt maybe you can actually look at the carpet in both the end 2 images, it is the same as I had that carpet throughout the whole house! Also if you look carefully you will see scars down my forearms ... eye roll. Anyway, I don't need to justify no further, I am just shocked that someone would imply that by my dedication to help women, I would use fake images?? I wonder if that person is in the right frame of mind to assume such rubbish. Have a great week all ☺️